The IOER supports the exchange between science, politics, planning practice and societal groups with different event formats. The different formats are tailored to the characteristics and needs of our stakeholders and recipients. We also participate in event formats of the Leibniz Association, such as the dialogue format "Leibniz in the Bundestag" and other offers from partner institutions.

IOER Conference

The IOER Conference offers a platform for the discussion of current challenges to ecological spatial development. Participants seek solutions and discuss research gaps. The event is aimed at actors from the political and scientific sectors as well as society in general.

IOER Forum

The IOER Forum is a event series organised by the IOER to promote dialogue and exchange with society. In a spring and an autumn series each year, we dedicate ourselves to current topics of sustainable development and transformation of neighbourhoods, cities and regions with different event formats.


The Denksalon is a communication forum of the IOER (organised in collaboration with the TU Dresden) that addresses questions of urban transformation. It takes place once a year in Görlitz. The events are designed to encourage open discussion and intensive dialogue between scientists and practitioners.

Dresden Symposium on Land Use (DFNS)

The Dresden Symposium on Land Use, which was founded in 2009, has meanwhile become the most important annual event in Germany for experts in the field of land use analysis and monitoring as well as sustainable land management. Since 2015 participants have also been invited to attend the International Land Use Symposium (ILUS), aimed at a wider global audience. This event takes place every two years and serves to strengthen international networking on the topic of land use.

Dresdner Planerforum

With the Dresdner Planerforum, the IOER regularly addressed current topics in spatial development and spatial/environmental planning relevant to science and practice until 2020. Guest speakers from Germany and abroad were invited to contribute. The series was replaced by the dialogue format "IOER Forum" in 2021.

Dresden Science Night (LNdW)

Once a year on Dresden Science Night, members of the public are invited to explore the city's universities and research institutions. The IOER offers a programme designed for the whole family. Featuring presentations, excursions and opportunities for participation, the aim is to give insights into the research field of ecological spatial development.

Twin City Talks

The Twin City Talks are intended to foster open debate on urban development and renewal in the German-Polish border town of Görlitz-Zgorzelec and beyond. Actors in the field of urban development as well as all other interested parties can make use of this forum for discussion and cross-border exchange.

Dresden Nexus Conference (DNC)

The Dresden Nexus Conference organised by the IOER, UNU-FLORES and the TU Dresden deals with questions of soil, water and waste from an integrated perspective and in connection with sustainable urban and regional development.

Dresden Nexus Conference Interim Workshop (DNCi)

The Dresden Nexus Conference Interim Workshop (DNCi) has been complementing the Dresden Nexus Conference (DNC) event series since 2021. While the conference series is aimed at a global audience from science and practice, the workshop format addresses actors from science, policy, and practice at the regional level to accelerate innovation processes in selected fields of action. 

International Land Use Symposium (ILUS)

The biennial International Land Use Symposium brings together leading academics and interested attendees for presentation, discussion, and collaborative networking in the fields of GIScience, environmental studies, geography, cartography, spatial planning and architecture. Objectives of the interdisciplinary symposium are to advance the understanding of Land Use/Land Cover dynamics and to develop new ideas for the sustainable use of the precious resource soil.

Spatial Sciences Colloquium

The Spatial Science Colloquium is a series of events organised by the Leibniz Research Network "Spatial Knowledge for Society and Environment", or "Leibniz R" for short. Every two years it offers forums for the discussion of current issues in spatial development and is aimed at politics, administration, media and science. Network Conference

The Network Conference is organised annually together with partners of the network of spatial research institutions in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe on current issues of spatial development that affect Eastern Europe.

The Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development is jointly funded by the federal government and the federal states.

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